Machine Of The Month: PANHANS Tilting Panel saw

Machine Of The Month: PANHANS Tilting Panel saw 23.12.2016

It is the time of the month again when we choose our ‘Machine of The Month’ and with a little help from our Twitter poll, this month we have chosen the PANHANS Tilting Panel Saw.

With a range of uses, powerful settings and needing very little maintenance, here is everything you need to know about our ‘Machine of the Month’:

What is a PANHANS Tilting Panel Saw?

Designed and produced in Germany, this panel saw is made up of one main blade with a scoring blade alongside it. This means when cutting a double sided laminate it can create a groove before the main saw cuts into the material.

With a PANHANS Panel Saw you are also provided with a tension free sliding table and a laser sight line which makes using the saw much easier. PANHANS products are world renowned for their reliability, innovation, longevity and low maintenance which only adds to the allure of this machine.

Our ‘Machine of the Month’ is also a tilting PANHANS Panel Saw which means it can be tilted before use. On this machine, the tilting range is 91 degrees (45.5+, 45.5-) which make it very unique.


As well as a unique tilt, this machine also comes with touchscreen position control, electric speed control of 1000-6000 rpm and the guarantee of low maintenance.

What Can It Be Used For?

The reason PANHANS Tilting Panel Saw is a must have machine is not only because of its low maintenance and high-end technology, it is also extremely useful.

Whether you are looking for your business or for a hobby, these machines can benefit all. Many cabinet shops use Panel Saws to cut profiles, panels, solid woods and a range of other materials.

However, they can also be used for intricate and precise cutting used in the sign shops for sign blanks. This works well because the saw can also be used on plastic, aluminium and a range of other materials.

What Next?

Now you know everything about our ‘Machine of the Month’ it is time for you to see just what a PANHANS Tilting Panel Saw can do for you.

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