BECK UTK 350 Cross Cutting Saw

BECK UTK 350 Cross Cutting Saw

Four different models – designed for saw blade diameters from 350 to 600 mm – are available.
In addition to a solid machine body of stable, welded steel elements, the sophisticated technology contributes to safe and economic work.
Many function elements are standard in all models. The pneumatic drive for the saw stroke is part of this, as is the automatic fastening of the workpieces.
Protective devices warrant injury-free work. A two-hand control prevents unintentionally reaching in during sawing. The practical safety shield in front of the saw blade is also part of the serial equipment of the Beck under-the-table cross cut saws.
Sensible options also permit use-specific adjustment of the machine.
Various Roller and measuring tables from the EXAKT range complete the saw range and facilitate working requirements



  • Blade sizes 350mm
  • 3kW (4 Hp)
  • Two-handed safety manual control.
  • Saw blade feed adjustment.
  • The cross-cutting saw in CE version have to be completed with roller table or plain table.
  • Pneumatic blade stroke.
  • Self braking motor
  • Automatic start/delta starter.
  • Fixed vertical safety guard.
  • See download for various models
  • Cutting time per stroke 1.5sec
  • Air comsumption per cycle 5L


  • See brochure