Brusa di Garboli LT


Brusa di Garboli LT

Automatic sanding m/c. type LT 80 – LT 110, to sand straight and lightly curved pieces. Super sanding line type LT 80/S, with one passage only is possible to reach a super finishing. The line is made upof: no. 2 sanding machines LT 80 + no. 4 feed group + equipments for the automatic opening ofbelts + electronic system for the contemporary control of feed speed of the four groups.



  • Minimum diameter 10mm
  • Maximum diameter 80/110mm


  • Equipment type AN for the belts opening with manual treadle control; type AN/a WITH photocell control, and timer in-out.
  • Equipment type BLOC to sand pieces having square and rectangular section, maximum height of sanding 50 mm.
  • Equipment Antispiral pulley to sand “soft” wood straight only having a round section with dia.maximum of 45 mm.