Garboli DUO

INNOVATIVE belt grinding machine that allows TWO DIFFERENT KIND OF OPERATIONS: “DRUM” GRINDING for flat surfaces: finishing and satining operations on tubes and bars with square and rectangular section, sheets and plates made of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass and other metals. Particulary suitable for deburring operations on laser/plasma cut or sheared sheets (Pic 1).
“CENTRELESS” GRINDING: finishing and satining operations on straight tubes and bars having round section (on request, Pic 2).
ON REQUEST the machine is also available as “WET” version (Pic 3).
The machine is supplied ready to be used with the following STANDARD EQUIPMENT: automatic feed for flat surfaces processing, pre-arrangement for connection to dust collection plant, motors voltage 400V/50Hz, n°2 abrasive belts in different grits, service keys, instructions book and CE conformity declaration.



  • Centerless grinding of 10-80mm
  • Flat grinding width 150mm


  • “Centreless” equipment for straight parts with round section (on request).
  • Kit for “WET” processing (on request).
  • Double cutting speed of abrasive belt 8-16 mt./sec (on request).