Garboli LPC 160/300/400/500 WET

Garboli LPC 160/300/400/500 WET

Planetary “WET” grinding machine with abrasive belts for grinding, buffing and satin finishing of STRAIGHT OR BENT items made of stainless steel, brass, iron or any other kind of metal having round, oval , elliptical or irregular section.

Particularly suitable for processing on light alloy, aluminium and titanium items. Main feature in comparison with similar ones is that our unit is equipped with 2 INDIPENDENT MOTORS: 1 for disc rotation and 1 for grinding belts rotation. This machine also allows “DRY” processing of the workpieces; in this case an easy-to-install dust collection cap can be supplied.



  • LPC 160 – Diameter 5-50mm, Minimum Radius 80mm
  • LPC 300 – Diameter 5-110mm, Minimum Radius 150mm
  • LPC 400 – Diameter 5-150mm, Minimum Radius 420mm
  • LPC 500 – Diameter 10-203mm, Minimum Radius 450mm


  • “AV” SELFCENTERING feed system for straight or taper parts with max. diam. 45 mm
  • “ALT” SELFCENTERING feed system for taper or straight parts with max. diam. 110 mm
  • “AD” feed system for straight pieces (not selfcentering)
  • “AVU” UNIVERSAL feed system for straight and bent parts
  • AN belts opening equipment with foot pedal control
  • Loader for straight items length 1500-6000 mm. with round section
  • AN/A belts opening equipment with photocell and timers in/out
  • Adjustable grinding belts speed with inverter equipment (10-30 mt./sec.)