Garboli LT80/110/130/200 WET

Garboli LT80/110/130/200 WET

Planetary “WET” grinding machine for HIGH VOLUME REQUIREMENTS for grinding, buffing and satin finishing on STRAIGHT pipes made of stainless steel, brass, iron, aluminium or any other kind of metal having round, oval, elliptical or irregular section.
Machine is equipped with a SELFCENTERING FEED SYSTEM suitable for TAPER and shaped parts processing.
ON REQUEST the machine can be equipped with inverter device to adjust abrasive belts cutting speed from 10 to30 mt./sec.. This machine also allows “DRY” processing of the workpiece just connecting it to a dust collection plant.



  • LT 80 for diameters 10-80mm
  • LT 110 for diameters 10-110mm
  • LT 130 for diameters 10-130mm
  • LT 200 for diameters 10-203mm


  • Powered back feed unit.
  • Adjustable Sanding belts speed with inverter. (10-30mt./sec.).
  • Loader for straight pieces, length 1500-6000 mm., with round section.
  • Loader/Unloader “step by step” for straight pieces length 1500-6000 mm., with round, oval and elliptical section.
  • Abrasive belts opening scheme with AN and AN/A equipment.