Panhans V91/10 Double Tilting Panel Saw

Panhans V91/10 Double Tilting Panel Saw

Machine produced with a unique tilting range of 91° (45.5° + 45.5° – ). When working with a V91 the user does not need to adjust the workpiece while working with mitre cuts. With addition of the Super-gehrfix mitre cross-cut table – complex mitre cuts become childs play.

PANHANS are designed and produced in Germany to very high standards – They are world renown for their innovation, reliability, build quality & longevity.

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  • Unique tilting range 45 + – 45 degrees in both directions
  • 5.7″ Touchscreen position control
  • Electronic speed control 1000-6000rpm
  • Powerful 10Hp motor
  • Dia saw blade 500mm max cutting height 172.5mm
  • Cutting width 1250mm (optional 1500mm)
  • 3200mm sliding table
  • Electronic scoring saw with EPS parking function for easy use of blade > 350mm
  • Patented rotational hood – simply turn, no need for replacement sections
  • Strong quality machine thats very low maintenance
  • 1500kg
  • Made in Germany


  • Overhead control
  • Super-Gehrfix 2 – Digital mitre crosscut fence with auto length compensation system
  • Motorised positioning of rip fence 1250mm
  • Super-Gehrfix 1 – mitre crosscut fence with auto length compensation system
  • Calibration device for exact blade size
  • Motorised postioning of rip fence 1500mm
  • DSG double mitre fence
  • Electronic scoring unit with auto EPS parking function
  • Laser sight line
  • Swing away devise for cross cut table
  • Cutting width 1500mm
  • Digital readout to rip fence