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5 Types Of Woodwork Machinery You Need

November 30, 2021 2 min read

With so much woodwork machinery on the market, it can certainly seem a minefield when you are looking to buy the basics to get started, are short on space or cash and are trying to decide what is essential.

No one wants to make a costly mistake, so we have put together a list of our recommendations, of the five essential pieces of woodwork machinery that will give you the broadest capability and use of space.


Opening up vast new possibilities and fun, first, we have theBandsaw. Not only is it a whizz on wood, but many models are also suitable for use with metal after a simple blade change. Bandsaws leave minimal markings on the wood, much the same as using a handsaw, but they certainly don’t require as much muscle. Bandsaws are versatile to rip lumbar and make intricate cuts through timber, a great labour-saving device, especially if you regularly work with wood greater than an inch diameter.

Even beginners can quickly become proficient on a bandsaw. If space is at a premium, bandsaws are available as tabletop options and freestanding, so you will easily find something suitable.

Planer Thicknessers

Next up is aPlaner Thicknesser. These are a great way to access the capability of a planer and a thicknesser without having to splash out on two separate pieces of equipment. A planer thicknesser allows you to control the thickness of wood more accurately than a belt sander. The planer will shave the wood and the thicknesser will control the depth accurately in one handy combined machine.

Dovetail Machinery

Perfect joints are never an issue with aDovetail Joint Machine. Perfect to create the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing joints for drawers, chests and boxes effortlessly. Whether you go for a manual model or the high flying fully automatic, it will certainly avoid the variations and struggles of creating joints by hand.


If sanding is hard work and a chore that puts you off your woodcraft, then aSander is the answer. Effortless smooth results make restorations or new wood finishing easier and much quicker than sandpaper and hard graft ever could.

Dust Extractors

Lastly, you need to look after your health, so you should certainly invest in a Dust Extraction machine. Wood dust and airborne particles are the cause of nasal cancers, respiratory disorders and many skin irritations. A dust extraction machine will keep you safe, so remember to add one to your essential shopping list.

If all that sounds expensive, don’t be afraid to look at our range of refurbished and pre owned woodworking machinery or ask us about our extensive range of new equipment.

Not sure where to start? Why notget in touch and have a no-obligation chat to see how we can help with your woodworking machine essentials today.