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Calderbrooks range of used planer thicknessers are ideal if you’re machine breaks and you don’t need to invest in brand new. We guide you to the right machine for your purposes, taking time to explain the different types of machine on offer. If time and budget are a consideration we’re happy to supply the machines to you in a variety of different states, as is, refurbished, cleaned and/or checked, to fit in with you, your workshop, timescale and budget. Of course the decision, ultimately is up to you so we are happy to let you browse our selection of used planer thicknessers and answer any questions. Our friendly, helpful staff allow you to make an offer on a used machine, and we’re happy to negotiate. So if you’re looking for used planer thicknessers Calderbrook can supply you with what you need to get the job done.

If you decide you want to invest in a new planer thicknesser, click here to view our range.