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Here at Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery we stock a range of spindle moulder machines from the leading manufacturers including Panhans and Woodpecker. 

Spindle Moulders are machines for cutting profiles into wood, plastics or other materials. The machine consists of a revolving spindle that can be rotated at various speeds depending on the work or tooling, the spindle traditionally is at 90 degrees to the table.

A fixed fence is attached to the table for standard workings and can be incorporated with an automatic power feed for ease and safety of use, at times, spindle moulders are used for curved work in this case the standard fences are removed and a ring fence is added for working shaped materials.

More modern spindle moulders can tilt giving huge advantages with regards safety and flexibility, many modern spindle moulders now have controlled movements (Axis control) by electronics. This increases the accuracy and reduces setup times dramatically.

The labour time saved with a modern spindle moulders far out weighs the initial cost, giving a very quick return on investment.

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