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5 Woodworking Gift Ideas For You to Try This Mother’s Day

February 21, 2023 2 min read

Mother’s Day this year falls on 19th March, so you still have time to work on a fantastic gift idea for your mum. There is something particularly special about a handmade gift that will really show your mum just how much she means to you, so here are just 5 woodworking gift ideas that you could try. Just don’t leave it until the last minute to begin your project.

1.   Rustic toolbox

If your mum loves gardening then why not create her a clever rustic toolbox, similar to a simple toolbox? This will be a great accessory for keeping all those smaller garden essentials like secateurs, trowels and even garden twine. This will help mum by making it easier to keep them to hand and not lose them as she enjoys her garden. 

2.   Hexagonal shelves

A great way to display a few treasured ornaments, and very eye-catching, a few hexagonal-shaped shelves will make a great addition to any wall. They are quick and easy to make and can be hung in a small group on the wall for maximum impact. 

3.   Simple stand

If your mum loves using her phone or tablet for looking up things like recipes, then why not make her a handy wooden stand that will make it easier to read the screen whilst she is doing other things? There are some great, easy instructions out there for this type of stand, and you could add your own decorative twist to it if you have the time. 

4.   Mini greenhouse

If your mum loves planting but doesn’t have room for a full-size greenhouse, then why not treat her to a mini greenhouse? These are a great addition to any smaller patio space, and a hinged lid will allow for great ventilation to help produce sturdy seedlings that will thrive once planted out. A bit more complex as a project than some of our other ideas, with the right tools, you could still complete a mini greenhouse in a couple of hours, and it will bring years of enjoyment. 

5.   Wooden coasters

If you have left your gift until the last minute, then why create some fantastic natural-looking wooden coasters from slices of a branch? Opt for a good strong wood with great colour and detail, and don’t forget to seal them so they are protected during use. 

Inspired by our ideas and want to start crafting? Why not check out the machinery we offer to make your woodworking projects even more professional?