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Advantages of using a Bandsaw

March 18, 2019 2 min read

A bandsaw is a powered saw consisting of a moving steel belt which features a serrated edge. These structures also feature a blower designed to remove any sawdust which might have otherwise collected after cutting has finished. Bandsaws are used primarily in woodworking, lumbering and metalworking.

What woodworking jobs can a bandsaw be used for?

Because bandsaws are perfect for cutting tight curves in woods of all thicknesses, the sky is the limit when it comes to the project types this tool is suited to. Imagination, creativity and design skills can all be utilised to develop all manner of items including gift boxes, furniture, shelving, ornamental pieces and more. They are ideal for small-medium businesses as well as domestic use.

What are the advantages of using a bandsaw?

1) Bandsaws can cut irregular shapes

Got a project that requires wood to be cut at acute angles? You won’t run into any issues with a bandsaw, that’s for certain. It’s easy to achieve completely smooth cuts regardless of the angles you’re cutting at.

2) You’re not restricted to a specific material

Most bandsaws can cut a variety of materials including timber, wood, metal and more. This means you won’t be confined to using particular wood types when creating new projects, which can open up new doors to creativity. Certain blade types are better suited to certain tasks, so ensure you’ve got the right blades for the job before cutting steel or hard woods.

3) Straight/cross-cuts are made easy

With other tools, making straight or cross cuts can take a lot of focus, care and attention. With a bandsaw, a mitre gauge will allow the user to make precision cuts without any wavering. Dual-bearing blade guide rollers and blade tracker adjustments also help keep things steady. This results in smooth, straightforward lines which will form the basis of any professional project.

4) Less wastage

One of the major advantages of using a bandsaw is that you will notice a huge reduction in wastage. This is because bandsaws have a smaller “kerf” than other cutting tools. Because band saws have narrow blades, you’ll even notice a reduction in the amount of sawdust produced.

5) Energy efficiency

Vertical bandsaws are ideal for domestic and small business applications. They use marginally less power in comparison to other wood/metal cutters and can therefore be considered energy-efficient. To keep production costs down, all good woodworkers should consider investing in bandsaws.