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Briquetting Press: Machine Of The Month

August 31, 2017 2 min read

In this rainy month of August as many of us spend days in the garden simply trying to light the BBQ with our umbrellas in the air, it was time for us to decide on our Machine of the Month.

This month we have chosen something that is not only great at reducing your companies wastage but can make you money as well.

Here we discuss exactly why Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery love the Genisis Briquetting Press.

What Is A Genisis Briquette Press Machine?

A Genisis Briquetting Press turns waste materials into uniform-sized briquettes which are compressed blocks made from wastage. The briquettes are easy to store and can be sold, in many cases, to actually create revenue.

The Genisis Briquetting Press works by using high pressure and temperature to turn the wood into a sort of plastic material that helps it to stick together.

Using the Siemens touch screen interface, you can reduce the pressure and the temperature which the press uses to create the briquettes. When high temperatures and pressure is applied to the wood wastage there is no need for adhesives as the material naturally stays stuck together. This means that when you are transporting the pieces or selling them on, they will stay together during the transportation.

Why Does Your Business Need One?

Not only can this machine be used on wood wastage from woodwork machinery such as saw dust, it can also be used on a range of other materials. These include cork dust, bark, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyurethane, rubber fabrics, paper and cardboard.

Compressing the waste material created by your company can not only reduce your wastage and the costs it takes to remove this waste, it can reduce the amount of storage you need to use and generate money.

Start thinking about how to manage the wastage of your business with a machine like the Genisis Briquetting Press that in some cases has even been proved to pay for itself.

To find out more about our machine of the month and all of our woodworking machinery, visit Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery.