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Choosing the Right Woodwork Machinery

May 28, 2020 2 min read

There are so many different types of woodwork machinery that can help you with numerous projects. It’s important to invest in the right portfolio of machinery that can help your workshop get up and running. Consider your priorities and what projects you might be working on in the near future, as this may help to give you a concise list of essential woodwork machines that you need.


One of the first pieces of machinery you should consider investing in is a quality saw, as this is an essential part of any woodwork project. Bandsaws are incredibly robust and are powered by an electric motor that moves the blade.

Bandsaws are relatively easy to set up and maintain which makes them ideal for beginners too. They are a stationary piece of equipment, and come in different sizes and models.

Bandsaws can cut curves and other irregular shapes into wood, which is perfect for making furniture or creative pieces.

Planer thicknesser

Planer thicknessers can be very useful in your toolkit as they can cut boards into an exact thickness. It is a straightforward piece of machinery with only three parts. It works by trimming boards to a consistent thickness.

It’s particularly helpful for straightening out wood defects like cupping, twisting and bowing.

Sanding machine

Sanding is an essential part of woodworking, and for that reason sanding machines are a must-have piece of equipment for your workshop! They are incredibly versatile, allowing you to smooth out rough boards or edges, but also rounding wood or removing any unwanted or leftover paint.

Sanding can be a time-consuming job, but if you have the right equipment it can make it much more efficient and even enjoyable.

CNC router

CNC routers are ideal if you are hoping to create something a little more complex. They are computer controlled, using software to make the machine move in the directions you want it to.

It has laser-like precision and very economical, as it can complete a project that requires different heights and angles.