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Handy Workshop Accessories You Need

February 11, 2020 2 min read

When it comes to woodwork, most people tend to focus on getting high quality tools so that they can do the best work possible. However, it’s also important to make sure that you have a workshop that’s properly kitted out for the work you’re trying to do. If you have stellar tools but don’t have a good space to work in, there’s always going to be a limit to the quality you can achieve and the projects you can undertake.

A portable worktable

Good woodwork machinery is important, but just as necessary is a good space to work on. A worktable is the place where you plan things out, measure your materials, and start putting together your projects. A simple worktable is valuable in and of itself, but a portable one is worth its weight in gold – giving you the flexibility to carry out work in any part of your shop.

Adequate tool storage space

If you’ve splashed out on a set of high-end tools, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them. This can be anything from a simple set of shelves to a decked-out tool cabinet – whatever you do, keeping your tools in a neat and organised way will help make your shop feel more authentic, and limit clutter.

A woodwork bench

When you’re cutting you need a proper space to do it in – not just to make sure that it’s safe, but to make sure you’re actually doing it right. A woodwork bench with a vice to keep things fixed will help you achieve the perfect cut every time.

A shop vacuum

This is easily one of the most important things in any workshop. Woodwork creates sawdust, and you don’t want to be breathing it in – which is why a shop vacuum is so vital. Most vacuums can even be attached to tools, to make sure you’re clearing as much dust as possible right out of the gate.


Sawhorses are extremely handy to have around the workshop. Not only do they make sawing much easier and much more accurate, they can be used for a variety of purposes – making for a good ad hoc work bench, a drying rack, or a footrest for your breaks.

Bench grinder

Repeated use dulls tools over time – and dull tools make for bad work. As such, a bench grinder can be invaluable – helping to keep your tools in good condition and your work at a high level of quality.