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How To Keep Your Woodworking Workspace Safe

July 29, 2022 2 min read

Whether woodworking is your hobby, career, or side business, you’re going to need a safe workplace to operate. Having a safe workplace is vital in any profession, especially one where you’re operating dangerous machinery everyday! In order to properly keep your workspace safe, you may have to start carrying out new routines and procedures. 

Here’s our advice on how to keep a safe woodworking workplace.

Maintenance Checks On Tools

When you work closely with many tools, machinery, and pieces of equipment, it’s only natural that they may stop working as efficiently after a long period of time. This is why it’s important to carry out maintenance checks here and there on all of your tools. 

Check to see if each tool is working properly and effectively. Examine each piece of machinery with care to make sure you’re not missing anything. Even woodworking machinery that you haven’t used for a while can always use some care every once in a while!

Keep Your Workspace Clean And Tidy

A clean and tidy woodworking space is essential. When you’re using your woodworking tools such as power drills and saws, the last thing you need is something in your way. If you have a cluttered workspace, accidents are more likely to happen. If you trip over clutter in your woodworking workplace you may end up with an injury, this is why it’s important to stay on top of your cleaning. 

Store Spare Equipment Elsewhere

Similar to the above point, storing lots of equipment in one space could become a safety concern. This is because you could trip over and hurt yourself if your working environment becomes cluttered. It’s best to store spare equipment in another shed or workplace where possible. Ensuring you have enough room to operate woodworking machinery is essential.

General Safety Tips

As well as keeping your woodworking workplace safe, you also need to protect yourself from injury. Here are a few essential woodworking safety procedures to follow.

Wear a Dust Mask

Wearing a dust mask is an essential safety precaution as it protects you from inhaling harmful chemicals from woodworking and protects you from dust.

Use Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is vital as some woodwork machinery is very loud and could cause damage to your eardrums.

Wear Safety Goggles 

One of the most important things to do when operating woodwork machinery is to wear safety goggles. The last thing you’d want to happen is have stray splinters fly into your eyes.

For any advice when it comes to woodworking, contact us today at Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery, we’d be happy to help.