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Machine Of The Month: ORMA Cold Veneer Laminate Press

January 24, 2017 2 min read

For the start of the New Year, we are excited to announce that our ‘Machine of The Month’ this month is the Cold Veneer Laminate Press.

We have chosen this machine not only because of its many features but its sheer power.

What is a Cold Veneer Laminate Press?

Simply, this machine is a Laminate Press which means it is used to glue different materials together to make them stronger. It is a result of over 30 years’ experience working with this concept that has created a machine that can press veneer with such precision.

The supporting structure is made of iron beams, tubular and castings. Assembled in this way, the Cold Veneer Laminate Press structure grants strength and resistance for any operation.

A Number Of Different Components

This machine is complex, but once you work out how to use it, it can make working with veneer, parquet and other materials a breeze.

The Cold Veneer Laminate Press machine is made up of:

  • A scissor lift with idle rollers
  • An automatic vacuum-operated feeder
  • A glueing machine with spreading rollers
  • Motorised disk and roller conveyors

On top of these different features, there is also a 500-tonne press which is pretty powerful (you wouldn’t want to get your finger trapped under there).

What Can It Be Used For?

Laminate presses are predominantly used to increase the thickness and strength of a material. This ‘Machine of The Month’ is perfect for parquet, laminate, veneer and wooden flooring that needs to be slick, but durable.

This machine also provides you with a starting product for veneer furniture which can be moulded once the veneer is created on this machine.

Why Invest In A Machine Today?

You might be thinking, ‘What am I actually getting for my money?’ when you consider buying a machine of this size.

With this machine you are getting not only 500 tonnes of the press, but you are also getting a highly technical press designed for stronger pressures and yet economical value.

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