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Machine of the Month: Orma NPC 3000/s 70 Ton Hot Veneer Press

January 19, 2018 2 min read

The brand new Orma NPC 3000 70-ton press is a modern and reliable machine in the Orma NPC range. Featuring pressures over 80% surface 2.2KG/CM2, high-quality oil heated platens, and a 40cm opening, this unit makes an excellent hot veneer press for any woodwork shop or similar industrial setting.

Carrying Orma’s reputation for convenience and innovation, the NPC 3000 also features a number of helpful extra accessories for optimal use of the press. Users can opt for exclusion of its cylinders and a demount-able structure, as well as a NPCL facility for horizontal pressing. Extra heating options are available up to 200 degrees, as well as additional daylights, and a Mylar coating for the platens.

A reliable, high-quality solution

Like other presses in the NPC range, Orma have built the 3000 with their distinctive, versatile structure, based on their commitment to offer clients a reliable, high-quality solution for their woodworking tasks. The whole structure is made up of sturdy, welded and tool-machined beams, rather than a bended steel sheet.

The NPC 3000’s hydraulic system has thickness-chromed rams, made to provide a seamless and fluid use, as well as a longer lifespan, both for the pistons themselves and the seal gaskets. Again, this is rooted in Orma’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Many other brands tend to make their machines using a chrome bath design, which lowers costs, but has very little guarantee when it comes to useful lifespan. Its highly efficient hydraulic power unit has a two-stage pump. The first stage gives off low pressure and high delivery to raise the platen, and the second stage gives off low pressure and high delivery to get the operational pressure set up by the user.

General switchboard controls and a display touchscreen

The NPC 3000 is controlled through a general switchboard, which allows the operator to set up and use all the different functions of the press. The press is also equipped with a pressure recovery device as standard, which allows operators to maintain a given pressure, even if a panel under the platen lowers its density. This switchboard is fixed on a hinged door with an 180-degree opening, making it easy to carry out any necessary servicing. Its digital display touchscreen also allows the operator to set and adjust every press function, in particular its working temperature, working pressure, and pressing time. There’s also an automatic switch-on protocol for the heating unit, and the option to create presets for individual days of the week.