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Machine Of The Month: PANHANS Horizontal Slot Mortise and Drilling Machine

February 28, 2017 2 min read

The daffodils are starting to bloom, the lambs are starting to be born and February is drawing to a close. But before March arrives it is just time for our ‘Machine of The Month’ this month.

This month we have chosen PANHANS Horizontal Slot Mortise and Drilling Machine as our ‘Machine of the Month’. So now it’s time to find out what they are, what their job is and why its time that your collection of woodworking machines contained a Horizontal Slot Mortise and Drilling Machine:

What Is A Horizontal Slot Mortise and Drilling Machine?

Most woodworking machines are created to take the pressure off completing a job by hand and give you a more precise tool to use. This machine is no different.

The horizontal mortise is a recent innovation which has a router mounted statically on its side. This machine offers the highest precision due to high-quality processing stands in modern, beautifully, shaped construction.

It is made up of a work table, cross support with adjustable ball guidance as well as the standard equipment features including a workpiece stop, a frame stop, dowel drill and two eccentric clamps.

What Can It Be Used For?

Used mainly for drilling dowels in lumber it is useful for a range of different joints. The main holes it can drill are square and rectangular holes.

This technic is used to create traditional mortise and tenon pairs which can be used in joints on a number of different applications.

So why opt for one of these machines rather than drill the holes by hand?

Well, this will save you not only time but energy as well. Having to drill every dowel in place making sure that each hole was positioned exactly in the right position and would fit exactly with the joint takes hours of work by hand.

But instead using woodworking machines like the PANHANS 116 Horizontal Slot Mortise and Drilling Machine allows you to drill precisely spaced holes which are easy to align.

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