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Panhans Spindle Moulder – Know The Facts

March 16, 2018 2 min read

The Panhans spindle moulders have always been acknowledge for being top of the range machines. With their easy to use and precise engineering, there’s no wonder they are so well known and one of the first machines thought of when the words spindle moulder are spoken.

Along with Panhans’ experienced staff and customer base, they have managed to design some of the best, efficient and versatile machines for all of the different product users.

Our range of spindle moulders vary from the 245/10 to the 245/50. They are all made with the same precise engineering, tilting and easy to use control system. Every machine that Panhans makes, is made using the most cutting-edge materials and technical skill. With the tables being made from thick-walled, highly-ribbed and torsion-resistant cast design, it possesses a heavy-duty spindle arbour which co-exist with the fine balancing of the shafts.

The control designs on the different spindles vary, with the basic models being manually controlled and the more deluxe version being electronically programmed. All of the spindles we sell are user friendly and are designed specifically to the customers order. For example, the controls can be moved from the front of the machine at waist height to head height depending on the preference. The main attraction in the programmable spindles is time saving, with just a touch of a button you can go from one job to the next.
Compatible with all materials

Due to the accuracy and build quality of the Panhans machines, they can be used for other products other than wood, including plastics and metals. Most companies who use plastic prefer the Panhans machines due to the versatility of the inverter which controls the speed of the spindle – this then creates a cut with ease and accuracy. The inverter drive is selectable by the push buttons on the front which means there is no need to be opening doors and moving belts.

A Century of Innovation
2018 marks the 100th year anniversary of Panhans. Since 1918, they have set the bar for solid, German mechanical engineering. Panhans has set high industry standards in the woodworking field, with their expertise in every machine they produce. They look forward to producing and moving forward with new innovation and ideas.