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Summer Woodwork Projects You Can Try in Your Garden

June 20, 2023 2 min read

There is something about the warmer weather of summer that makes people want to get outside in the garden and be active. If you love woodworking, then this is a great time to choose to bring your tools outside and tackle a few of those garden woodworking projects you have been thinking of during the colder months.

A Bird House

A bird house is a nice simple project to get started with for your garden. You don’t need many tools, and all of the materials that the project will require can be picked up easily at any hardware store. If you have never attempted a bird house before then a quick search of the internet will bring up plenty of different plans to help you get started.

A Bird Table

Once you have mastered a birdhouse, why not add a bird table to your garden to complete the set and offer the birds somewhere safe to eat that is off the ground? From bird tables on pedestals to hanging bird tables, you will find a range of different designs with something for everyone from the novice woodworker to those with more experience.

Flower Planter

If you would like to start with a simple outdoor project, then a planter is a great choice. A simple lined trough style planter is a great addition to any patio, and if you want to do something a little more ornate with it then there are plenty of ideas out there. Just remember to line it so that it doesn’t rot when you put plants in it.

Bin Store

If your bins are sticking out like a sore thumb in your garden, then why not create a bin store to help keep them out of sight? This is a bigger project that will take  you a little longer, but a great one to tackle whilst you have plenty of warmer summer days to fill with woodworking.

Simple Timber Bench

Adding a bench to your garden can be a wonderful idea and will provide you with somewhere to sit all year round. A simple bench doesn’t even need a back or arms just somewhere to sit. If your skills allow adding a back and arms however, this would make a bench you could truly relax on with a good book and nice cup of tea.

Coffee Table  

Why not create a small table to go alongside your bench? Remember to use treated timber that is suitable for outside use to help your project last as long as possible.

Rose Arch

If you are looking for a project that is a little more challenging and your woodworking skills are up to the task, then why not create a rose arch that can take centre stage in your garden. This will not only make a real feature in your garden during the summer months with roses climbing up it but will also create a visual focal point in the winter as well.