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Top 5 Machines You Need In 2020

January 15, 2019 2 min read

Choosing the machines for all your woodwork projects can be a tough task, there are so many machines on offer that each comes with their own set of promises. It can be hard to know which are really necessary for your woodwork, especially if you are upgrading to something more modern. This article is here to make choosing your woodwork machinery a simpler task, with our top 5 machines you need in 2020.

1. A dust extraction machine

The amount of dust created by woodwork machines is huge, and as 2020 sees more and more people invest in their personal health, what better time to make sure you have a good quality dust extractor in your workshop? Not only will the eradication of dust from your workshop create a safer environment, but it will also help you keep your work and expensive machinery in the best shape possible. Dust extractors are available at a range of price points with a variety of features to suit your needs – which you choose will depend on your workshop and what you intend to work on.

2. Panel saw

Technology often exists to make our jobs a little easier, and this is no different for panel saws. We may not always want to admit it, but cutting panels, especially large ones, can be a tough job. Saw panels will help you save on time, effort, and even money. There’s an option to suit every workshop, from heavy-duty panel saws, to compact and lightweight options. When shopping for yours, prioritise accuracy and durability for an investment you won’t regret.

3. Planer thicknesser

Thickness planers are essential in any workshop, and there is a diverse assortment available on the market to suit a wide range of needs. Having a planer thicknesser opens up a wider choice of raw wood materials for your workshop, which can often be a money-saver too. For those who have a small workshop incorporated into their home, there is a choice of compact yet effective planers, or portable models for the contractor.

4. Spindle moulder

Be ready to face each new project you embark on in 2020 with a spindle moulder. One of the most versatile and flexible machines in your workshop, the spindle moulder’s uses range from moulding to planing curved surfaces, joints and box combing. This is a multi-purpose addition to your line-up and not one you’ll find yourself regretting.

5. CNC routers

A CNC router is a thoroughly modern addition to any workshop, with some claiming the nifty tool can fulfil tasks that a 3D printer can’t. They are perfect for any workshop and a variety of projects, allowing you to cut woods, metals and more with incredible precision. From affordable, no-trimmings, entry-level machines to heavy-duty options with spectacular features, these CNC routers have so much to offer!