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Top Tips to Use a Bandsaw

April 29, 2020 2 min read

A bandsaw can be an incredibly useful tool to have in your workshop. It can make cutting wood or other materials much easier, helping you to achieve the desired shape in an efficient and easy way. Whether you are a professional or simply enjoy woodworking as a hobby, it’s important to get the most out of your woodworking machinery.

Bandsaws are very versatile and are also very compact and sturdy, making them as essential piece of kit if you are pursuing a career or hobby in woodwork. With a sharp and continuous blade, it is made with toothed metal that is stretched between two wheels. This allows you to cut through a variety of materials.

Bandsaws can be used to create tight curves in all thicknesses of wood and even metal.

To help you get the most out of your bandsaw, here are some top tips.

Tip 1

It is so important to check your bandsaw every time before you use it. You should be checking for anything that doesn’t look right, or any part of the machine that looks worn or broken. Ensure you check your machine while it is switched off and unplugged to avoid any accidents.

Doing this before you use your machine can help you to spot any problems early, avoiding damaging the machine itself or you.

Tip 2

Dull blades can be very dangerous. This is another reason for checking your bandsaw before use. Dull blades creates a slower and more difficult cut, and you could end up damaging the bandsaw.

If you notice your blades are looking a little worn and dull, make sure you replace them before cutting anything.

Tip 3

Bandsaws can sometimes leave marks on the wood or other material you are cutting. Make sure you leave some extra material when cutting, which you can then use to smooth down and avoid any unwanted saw marks.

You may also find it helpful to cut on the outside edge of the material.

Tip 4

It is key to release the tension of the bandsaw if you are taking a break from using the machine. Releasing the tension can help to prolong the life of your bandsaw, and also avoid blade fatigue.

Blade fatigue can have a detrimental effect on your machine and can even cause the blade to break.

Tip 5

Always wear the appropriate protective gear! Working with woodworking machinery is dangerous, even if you are a professional.

Goggles can be particularly important, as they will protect your eyes from any stray fragments of wood that may fly off in your workshop.