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3 Most Versatile Woodwork Equipment To Invest In

January 19, 2021 2 min read

If you only have room for three pieces of woodworking machinery in your set up, what would you choose? Opting for those that give maximum versatility is a great way to ensure you don’t blow your budget on machines that won’t allow you to get the most out of your work. Here, we look at three machines that can handle pretty much anything you may ever want or need to do in a workshop.

1. Band Saws

Whether you have the space for a tabletop or larger cabinet band saw, you will have what is known to be one of the most versatile saws available. Band saws offer the most accurate tool for cutting curves in wood, are excellent for ripping down timber and re-sawing thick boards into more manageable thicknesses. They are also capable of cutting fine veneers from large blocks, so whether you are looking for straight cuts or fancy shapes a band saw will offer this versatility.

Band saws are available for both professional users with high specification cabinet models and smaller bench table-top units that are great for home-based users.  With a variety of cut depths and options to extend the cut length with an additional riser and tilting tables available to make the cutting thicker stock and angles a possibility on some models.

2. CNC Router 

CNC routers give you the ability to recreate drilling holes with precision time and time again, if you are looking for quick production of precisely replicated parts, a CNC offers both the precision and repetition accuracy to do this effortlessly.

CNC routers are also able to route and create intricate designs through computer interface, making them perfect for creating decorative pieces and one off designs for both relief and surface carving, or to create precision saw cuts repeatedly that are easy to personalise through the software interface. It is possible to create highly detailed pieces of work and the many different router heads available offer many ways to cut and carve almost anything. 

3. Planer Thicknesser

Most woodworkers will find the value of planer thicknessers quickly, as they seek to make accurate cuts and angles, and need to ensure accuracy of thickness when cutting planks. The ability to buy cheaper rough sawn timber for a project and turn it into the precise piece for your job can save money over the cost of buying pre-planed timber, which often still needs further preparation. 

A planer thicknesser is also one of the most used pieces of equipment to create precise 90º angles for jointing more accurately and repeatedly than other planer varieties, great for accurate cutting of signboards, furniture lengths and when joining repeated pieces together.

If you’ve decided to invest in one - or all three - of these versatile pieces of machinery, why not take a look at what we have to offer. You’re sure to find the perfect and most versatile machines for your workshop on our site.