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3 Reasons You Need a New Panel Saw

November 21, 2016 2 min read

If you didn’t already know, Panel Saws consist of a single blade, mounted on a sliding table that can cut sheets of material into a variety of different pieces, parts and sizes. For any woodworking business or DIY lover, these saws can come in very handy. Before the Christmas gift buying rush begins, treat yourself to a brand new panel saw.

Here are 3 reasons why you, your business and anyone else you might know should think about purchasing a brand new Panel Saw:

A Variety of Uses

These saws can work to create a huge range of different products. Whether you are after a bow and arrow, kitchen cupboards or something completely different, Panel Saws are the right woodworking machine for you. Not only can they be used to create different components for kitchens, doors and other panels, they can be fitted with a scoring blade to score the material as well.

Basically anything that needs to be cut correctly into different sized parts and pieces, these Panel saws can help you with.

Works On a Variety of Materials

With a woodwork machine like this, you want to know that you will get your use out of it. That is why this product is just the right investment for you and your business.

Not only can a Panel Saw work with solid wood or plywood, it can also work with MDF, laminate pieces, plastic sheets and even aluminium.

This works well for anyone that owns a shop making signs, panels or other pieces that need to be cut exactly. It also means that for those DIY lovers, you can experiment with a range of materials as well as styles.

Easy To Maintain

Although the machine will need looking after as you would any of your other tools, the Panel Saw doesn’t require a large amount of regular maintenance. Having only one saw to work with (unless a scoring saw is attached) means you don’t need to constantly look after all the small components that are hard to manage. Instead, you can spend your time seeing just how many wonderful things you can create with your brand new Panel saw.