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5 Autumnal Woodworking Projects To Try

October 01, 2023 2 min read

The summer may have gone and taken its lighter, balmy evenings with it. However, autumn, with its beautiful, inspiring colours is the perfect time to tidy up the shed or garage, fire up the stove if you have one or if not dig out the winter woollies and get stuck into some cooler weather projects.

Here are our suggestions for a few relatively easy woodworking projects you can try for the autumn season.

1. A Firewood Storage Rack
If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning stove to keep you warm in the home this winter, why not think about tidying up your outdoor log store by building a firewood storage rack to keep your logs organised and easy to access? This could be a simple A-frame design with perhaps some decorative touches to add to your garden aesthetics.

2. A Pumpkin Planter
We’re coming up to Halloween, which means all things pumpkin, so extend the pumpkin season in your home or garden by creating a rustic pumpkin planter. Carve or hollow out a small piece of timber or a log and paint it in durable autumn colours for outside planting. Plant it up with winter foliage and spring bulbs for a cheery welcome outside your door.

3. Decorative Wooden Coasters
These coasters can add a touch of nature to your outdoor (or indoor) table and make thoughtful gifts. If you have access to hardwood pieces like maple or oak you could use a scroll saw or coping saw to cut out leaf shaped coasters to celebrate the autumn season. Sand and finish them with a protective sealant to bring out the beauty of the wood grain. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could use a jigsaw or scroll saw to carve out more elaborate designs, maybe with the family’s initials for example or a spider’s web design.

4. Mini Wooden Wheelbarrow
A traditional wooden wheelbarrow is a thing of beauty as well as a practical addition to the garden. It can be utilised as a decorative planter and moved around the garden as the seasons progress. Alternatively, it can be used to inspire little ones to get interested in gardening when they have their very own wheelbarrow and gardening tools! A simple design using basic pieces of 4x2 and the addition of a small trailer wheel, if you want it to move around, can be knocked up in an afternoon. A simple wood stain or bright paint colours will finish it off nicely. Use pine wood for a more durable, natural finish.

5. Wooden Candle Holders
Cast an ambient glow in your home this winter with soft candlelight atop carefully crafted wooden candle holders in various shapes and sizes. Use a soft wood to incorporate autumn-themed designs such as acorns or leaves, or base your designs including any colour palette on the theme of your home décor.

Whatever project you embark on this autumn, always be sure to use the correct tools and safety equipment where necessary along with sustainably sourced wood and approved coatings and finishes.