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What is the main purpose of lubricant oil when caring for woodwork machinery?

November 15, 2023 2 min read

The lubrication and cleaning of woodwork machinery is a maintenance issue that can be overlooked all too often in many workshops. It’s all too easy to just keep assuming that as long as the tools that you are using are working, it’s not that necessary to stick too rigidly to any maintenance plan.

The problem is that if you don’t keep up the maintenance of your machines, cleaning and then lubricating all of the moving parts, then this can create problems in the long run. Additionally, the longer you leave things, the greater the potential for these problems to become expensive ones to fix, or worse still, for them to result in your woodwork machinery breaking down completely.
The good news is that most of the maintenance that you need to undertake can, in fact, be done in a relatively short space of time. Furthermore, much of the maintenance takes relatively little effort. Once this becomes a part of your regular routine it can make subsequent maintenance even easier.

What is lubricant oil?
Sometimes referred to as motor oil or lube, lubricant oil is used within a range of types of equipment in order to prevent wearability, reduce friction and also counter any excessive wear. This is a type of oil that has a slight viscosity, the ability to curb any harsh resistance and allows for greater mobility to exist between the different mechanical components in a machine that continually come into contact with each other.

Why is it so important?
Woodwork machinery operates in an environment that is often filled with dust. It is these tiny dust particles that can get into most spaces and settle that can make the operation of the machinery a little bit harder. It is important to remember whilst efficient dust collection solutions are a must in any woodworking environment there are only so many of these dust particles that can be collected. There will inevitably be particles that escape and these are the ones that have the potential to escape and cause issues with machinery. Parts of the machinery such as the underside will almost certainly accumulate dust.

Lubricant oil is essential for use in any of the moving parts of woodworking machinery. It helps in a range of different ways to ensure that all of the moving parts are able to move freely and do not stick or catch when in operation. This meant that there is less likelihood of them damaging whatever it is that you are working on or becoming damaged themselves. For example, when applied to a woodworking machine table it can prevent the sticking of the workpiece whilst also providing anti-corrosive properties that offer high performance against things like bed rust and humidity.
When you notice that the performance of your machinery has become a little sluggish this can be a good indication that you not only need to perform maintenance and clean the machinery but also that it is a good time to lubricate it as well. This is a good habit to get into that will ensure that your woodworking machinery keeps working at maximum efficiency for as long as possible.