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A Guide to Refurbishing & Rebuilding Woodwork Machinery

December 23, 2019 2 min read

There’s considerable pressure on businesses to become more sustainable, including repairing and restoring equipment rather than replacing it.

To be honest, this is commercial common sense. It often costs considerably less to overhaul equipment and re-use it, rather than to invest in new items! So why do some companies still pay out for new woodwork machinery, rather than repairing and storing existing items?

Can rebuilding and refurbishing be quick and easy?

For the most part, it comes down to convenience and a desire to limit interruption to woodworking processes. Investing in new machines can seem a quicker and less disruptive option.

The team at Calderbrook would like to point out this is not always the case! Using our specialist services – and wealth of knowledge – it’s sometimes possible to swiftly repair and restore woodworking machinery to full working order.

Reliability of refurbished machinery

Another factor in the decision to replace essential items with new ones – rather than calling in professional refurbishers – is ‘trust’. If you’re running a busy woodworking operation with deadlines and margins to juggle you need to be 100% sure your machinery can keep pace.

Can already well-used machinery be sufficiently rebuilt and refurbished to give you confidence? Again, much relies on the expertise of the machinery restoration company.

Calderbrook has a superb track record for getting essential equipment back to full working order, but also resilient enough to stand the test of time.

Though we work quickly and efficiently, we don’t believe in quick fixes or cosmetic overhauls! All of our woodwork machinery restoration and rebuilding work is aimed at prolonging the life of the equipment, for some considerable time.

That’s why we only use quality components and materials. Calderbrook understands that every part of a refurbished machine needs to offer reliability and longevity.

Costs of rebuilding and refurbishing machinery

We have partnerships and contacts across Europe, to enable us to track down the perfect parts for woodwork machinery, at the best prices. That’s one of the ways we keep costs affordable, making machinery restoration and repair such a financially sensible option.

Our attention to detail extends to all the work we do. This includes applying our expert eye to every aspect of both light and heavy-duty machinery entrusted to us. Whether it’s planers, saws, routers, moulders or sanders.

Every item of machinery we work on will be thoroughly evaluated, repaired, cleaned, rebuilt and in many cases improved. Then, we test everything extremely thoroughly, before rubber-stamping future use.

Our reputation as an expert woodwork machinery restorer rests on every item we work on.

So why not put that to the test?