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Top 3 Woodwork Machines for Your Workshop

December 09, 2019 2 min read

If you are thinking of taking up woodwork as a hobby or pursuing it as a career, then you need to have the right tools in place first. The simple facts are that even the smallest workshop will need some woodwork machinery to be effective and achieve top-class results. But which machines are must-buys for any woodworking enthusiast or professional?


One of the most essential woodwork machines that you will need is a bandsaw. This tool is a power saw with a continuous band of sharp, toothed metal inside. This blade is then stretched between wheels inside the machine to cut wood with. Bandsaws will usually have a cutting table to work on as a main feature. Bandsaws are widely used to cut irregular shapes in wood but can also create curves, crosscut shorter pieces and resaw lumber into thinner pieces.

It is this versatility which makes bandsaws a good tool to buy. They allow you to work on many different kinds of project and perform numerous tasks with just one machine. These saws are also easy to operate and set-up which is also handy. If you are short on space, then you can even buy bench-top bandsaws to fit into your workshop.

Planer thicknesser

This is one machine you may not think you need but will come in very handy on many jobs. In simple terms, planer thicknessers trim boards to the same thickness along their entire length and also help make them flat. This is naturally very important on a range of projects where flat boards with the same thickness are key to getting the best results.

As with bandsaws, these vital machines come in a range of sizes to suit any workshop. A key feature of any thicknesser will be the planing table which wood is placed on to cut. They will also usually have features such as cutter heads to trim wood, height adjustment, rubber rollers to feed wood and powerful engines for optimum performance.


When you are making anything out of wood, it is key to achieve a smooth finish. This will make the wood look better, fit together better and also not have rough edges which people could catch. The best way to go about this quickly and easily is with a simple to operate sanding machine.

Many workshops will use belt sanders and they are very effective. Wide belt sanders, in particular, come in handy for finishing wood and also sizing it. Most now are computer-controlled for total convenience and come in various widths so you can get ideal results. They also feature different sanding units so you can always get the finish you need.

Quality woodworking machines for any workshop

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