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Brand Focus: Boere

July 27, 2017 2 min read

Woodwork machines are basically used for the treatment or preparation of wood to be used or sold as products, and there are many different types that are designed for different purposes. As such, when it comes to quality woodwork machinery, Boere stands out as one of the most credible companies in the industry.

What is Boere?

Boere is a highly credible company known for its range of woodwork machines and was founded by Mr J. Boere who is the first owner of the company. He started on a very small scale with a repair shop for woodworking in 1942 in Waddinxveen, NL. Initially, in this shop, this is where any repair work of the machines making furniture and toys was carried out. But, with the emerging demand for new machinery, he was presented with a new challenge to diversify in 1946. He sportingly took up this challenge and developed a number of small sanding machines such as centerless belt sanders, profile and edge sanders, rotary belt sanders and drum sanders.

However, in 1952, Mr Boere came up with a machine called the wide belt sanding machine, which determined the successful future of the company. As one of the most reputable names in the woodworking industry, let’s take a look at some of their other types of sanders.

Wide Belt Sander

The wide belt sander has a structure of endless sanding belts, which combines all the benefits of a long belt sander with that of cylinder sander. Wide belt sanders are generally used to sand the thickness and fine finishes, where the sanding paper can be quickly replaced.

Disc Sanders

A disc sander uses an abrasive wheel or a grinding disc face for rough or fine sanding, depending on the grit of the abrasive paper that is attached to the disc face. These discs are interchangeable and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate large as well as small surfaces.

Conveyor and Surface Sanders

A conveyor and a surface sander are used to grind the flat or square surfaces. They are very large in size, which enables them to work on large and flat pieces of wood such doors and cabinet panels.

Drum and Sleeve Sanders

A drum sander works through an expanding drum mechanism which is attached to an abrasive sleeve. These sanders are used for large, flat surfaces and are generally either stationary or free-standing.

Boere are one of the biggest names in the woodwork machinery industry and for good reason too, as their range of high-quality machinery has been a mainstay within wood workshops for years and have a broad range of products used to treat or prepare wood better than no other brand.