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New or Used – How should I buy Woodwork Machinery?

June 09, 2017 2 min read

As many people would expect, some woodwork machinery can be an expensive purchase for a business to buy outright and wouldn’t really constitute an impulse buy. However, for most businesses that require the use of woodwork machinery on a daily basis, purchasing and owning the machines for your workshop represents a good move in the long term.

Buying New or Used

When looking to buy woodwork machinery, though, you should carefully consider your budget constraints and requirements before making a decision on whether you want to buy new or used. Although purchasing a brand new machine might be the more preferred option, it may not be the most suitable when taking to account all involved. Because of this, it’s always worthwhile to ensure that you buy a new or used machine based on your budget and usage.

Buyer’s Confidence

If you want to buy woodwork machinery – especially those of high cost – buying in confidence is critical to being satisfied with the overall purchase. Of course, there is no better guarantee of quality or assurance than buying a new machine, as you can be sure that all parts are original and that it has come straight from the manufacturer. However, buying a new machine may not always be the most financially viable option for you, in which case a quality used machine may be a more suitable alternative.


Although the cost of new machine might set you back a bit, you should really weigh the price up against how much you will use it. If you use woodwork machinery for your business, then purchasing a new machine might be a better option, since it’s likely you will use it every day. As such, although a new machine might be costlier, it will last longer than a used machine and will boast the most up-to-date features. Not only that, but as most new machines will come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, you can rest assured that your covered should any faults occur.


As possibly the most important consideration, the amount of time that you will spend using the machine should be a key factor when deciding to buy woodwork machinery. For example, if you own a timber business and will use woodwork machines to cut and plane wood to sell to customers, then it’s probably a better option to invest in a brand new machine. Alternatively, if you use woodwork machinery less frequently, then it may be worth looking to buy woodwork machinery second-hand for the cost savings. Used machines, such as those featured within our range, are of the highest possible quality and are available at a lower price point than new machines.

In short, when looking to buy woodwork machinery, deduce what and how much you will use the machine and then make a decision on whether to buy new or used. Consider your usage, your budget, and you won’t go far wrong in making the right decision for you. If you need any further information or assistance when looking to buy woodwork machinery, then why not contact us today!