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Different Woodwork Machines and Their Uses

July 29, 2021 3 min read

In woodworking there are many different types of machinery woodworkers will have to learn to use. Although traditionally woodwork has been done by hand, to automate and speed up the processes within the industry, woodwork machines have been designed to make things easier. This is especially useful for big industrial workshop where time is of the essence. Here we have compiled a list of some of our most popular machines and given an insight into what they do. For those of you who are starting out and want to know more about working with wood machinery.

CNC Routers

A CNC router can be used for multiple operations such as drilling, routine, sawing using precise computer numerical control through a computer interface. The use of a computer interface allows for greater cut quality and higher levels of productivity within your workshop. The CNC routers we stock on our site offer a number of optional features too.

Band saws

Band saws have been designed to be a versatile power saw and have quickly become an essential piece of machinery for many wood workshops. Band saws are capable of cutting curves, making deeps cuts, cutting irregular shapes, whilst keeping wastage to a minimum. At Woodwork Machinery we have band saws from top manufacturers such as Woodpecker, Panhans, and Meber.


Wood sanders are used to smoothen the surface of wood. A sanding machine makes this a lot easier in situations where hand sanding will only go so far. Sanders can be used across a variety of materials including woods, metals, alloys, and plastic. Edge sanders will be used for curved and round section materials and narrow belt sanders are more suited to flat materials.

Dust Extraction Machinery

As part of any organised workshop, the topic of wood dust and its extraction are very important. Ensuring the waste produced by your woodwork machinery will allow for a tidy, efficient, and safe workshop. A dust extraction machine can be purchased to collect the waste from the other machinery in your workshop. For a safely organised workshop, a dust extraction machine is a must!

Beam Saws

Beam saws are suitable for cutting sheet materials to size, whether that be chipboard, MDF, or laminated boards. This type of saw has been designed to make repetitive, accurate cuts that are perfectly to size. For large scale workshops, beam saws are considered one the most cost-effective solutions to precision panel cutting in large quantities. At Woodworking Machinery, we offer a range of beam saws from European manufacturers including Panhans, Holzher and Zentrex.

There are typically two types of beam saws you will find on the market, these include front loading and rear loading. Offering two different styles of machine operation:

Front loading beam saw – the user is required to feed the material for cutting into the machine from the front, where the material is then drawn into the beam saw.

Rear loading beam saw –With a rear loading beam saw, the materials will be automatically loaded into the machine from stacks at the rear of the machine.

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