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Summer Woodwork DIYs to try at Home

June 29, 2021 2 min read

As we start to see glimmers of the sun finally making an appearance here in the UK, we know many woodworkers will be looking for new ways to hone their skills with at home DIY projects. This could be for a garden refresh or simply an activity to do during those hot summer weekends. Here, with your very own woodwork machinery and tools, you can find some of our favourite woodwork DIYs to try at home over the summer months.

Attract wildlife with a simple birdhouse design

Keep your garden a haven for local wildlife and birds by building your very own DIY birdhouse. A birdhouse is small and great for beginners as a first attempt DIY woodwork project this summer. Benefit from the sound of birds chirping in your garden as they enjoy your crafted birdhouse. Choose from woods such as redwood and cedarwood for a cost-effective option. For finishing touches, sand the wood and add some paint in a green or brown colour to camouflage your birdhouse to keep the flying visitors safe from predators.

Spruce up your garden furniture with an easy Timber bench

With a bit of experience and some power tools, a simple timber bench may only take you a day to complete! Spruce up your patio by adding some additional furniture, now you can welcome family and guests back into your garden. For best results use your trusty circular saw, along with a drill and some hand tools. Once built, you can stain your timber bench to keep it looking fresh.

Make a home for your garden flowers with a planter or trellis

To keep your flowers looking bright and protect them from wildlife, a planter or trellis could be just what your garden needs. Using wood like treated lumber you can produce the perfect planter for your summer garden. Add the professional look, once complete, by using a router to smooth over edges.  

For those summer nights - design your very own picnic table or bench

For summer nights and a BBQ meal, allow all the family to enjoy with a DIY picnic table. This is a bigger project and recommended to those who have some experience already working with wood, as it may take some time. When choosing your wood for this project, to save money and avoid potential food contamination, pick a naturally rot-resistant wood. Some of the necessary tools for a project of this size would include, a miter saw, drill, sander, and wood chisel.

DIY the safe way

When attempting any woodwork DIY project at home, it is very important to put your safety first. Avoid trips to A&E by investing in safety goggles and gloves when working with power tools and saws to prevent accidents and injuries. If at home, consider the other risks, including children and pets. Keep your tools and machinery out of reach when not in use.