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Furnishing Your Home With The Right Machinery

December 11, 2020 2 min read

If your business involves furniture for kitchens and bedrooms, you will undoubtedly be in the woodworking and carpentry trade and appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into making quality furniture that you hope your clients will go onto enjoy for many years. But this doesn’t mean you have to do all the hard work by hand.


Making your craft simpler, neater and more enjoyable 

We at Calderwood share your passion for wood construction and offer a wide variety of machinery selected from top line manufacturers to make the job of crafting cabinets, cupboards, doors and work surfaces an absolute pleasure.

To ensure quality of workmanship you need deep knowledge and experience of your craft, but you don’t need to complete every task without assistance. It is wise, especially if you’re considering widening the product range you offer, to consider how precision machinery could help you.

Here we offer a brief explanation of some of the different machinery types that you may feel would be of value in your workspace.


Hot and cold press machines 

These machines make it easy to press veneers and laminates, and here at Calderwood, we offer a variety of functions from leading brands in press machinery.  Fabricated platens are one of the options as well as solid drilled, which are particularly suitable when high gloss and temperatures above 120 degrees are required.


Sliding table panel saws and wall saws 

Sliding table saws are a great choice if you’re looking for a truly versatile saw. These handy machines enable easy precision cutting of sheet materials, and are really useful for mitring and squaring up of cut work.  For precision cutting of long straight edges, a sliding table saw is most definitely a useful addition to ensure consistency and accuracy of cut over many items. 

Wall/Panel saws, with an ergonomic design, allow for work to be completed in spaces where there is a reduced floor area, yet still offer absolute precision and angular accuracy.


Edge banders

Edge banders enable tape and lipping edges to be applied to boards, panels and even doors.  Edge work can be formed from thin tape, wood, thick PVC and solid wood lipping to panel edges in a precise manner with easy glue application managed by our range of edge bander machines. Whatever size project is at hand they ensure that cabinet edges look as crafted as the rest of the project. 

If you are still having trouble choosing the best machines for the job, why not get in touch? Here at Calderwood we are more than happy to offer advice and assistance as to what equipment could be useful to you.