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Why Consider Refurbished Woodworking Machinery

November 23, 2020 2 min read

Whether you’re an established and experienced woodworker or inspired by TV shows like The Repair Shop, if you’ve decided to take up woodworking one thing’s for sure. The sheer joy that creating something from scratch brings is really hard to beat.

As all craftspeople know, whether beginner or expert, the key to creating wonderful projects lies in having the right tools for the job and, for larger projects, that means machinery. But before you rush out to spend precious hard-earned cash, you may want to look at buying refurbished woodworking machinery. Here’s why.     

Quality at a Good Price

The most important reason given for buying refurbished machinery is the cost. You can get very high quality machinery more cost effectively than buying new, whereas if you were to pay similar low prices at commercial retailers the quality of what you buy is not necessarily guaranteed. So if you are running a business or you simply want the best for your home budget this is your starting point.

Expert Advice Guaranteed

The purchasing of woodworking machinery can be a significant investment for you so you need to talk to the right people who know all about their subject. You can’t necessarily get the help you need if you buy from busy mainstream retailers or internet based companies as the customer service may not extend to advice and support with choosing the best (and not necessarily the highest priced) tool for the job.

Whether it’s routers, saws, planers or spindle moulders, whatever you need for your project or business, the success or failure of it depends on the build quality of the machine and its individual components.

At Calderbrook Woodworking our team of experienced technicians are on hand to offer advice honed over 25 years on how to get the best woodworking machine for your project. You can be assured that all the refurbished machinery we offer has been expertly rebuilt using only the best components, parts and materials.

With expertly refurbished machinery there should be no hard sell and no ‘buy now before it goes’ pressure, just good advice and all your questions and queries answered.

Environmentally Friendly

Any responsible person’s focus these days should be on sustainability and longevity, and as every experienced craftsperson knows this has always been the way. From the smallest hand tool to the largest industrial sander, when properly kept and looked after they continue to give good service for many years without further harm to the environment. It also helps keep previously unwanted goods out of landfill.

By buying refurbished woodworking machinery you prolong its usable life and help the environment. And, along with the great feeling you’ll get from completing a woodworking product, you’ll know that you’ve done so without undue ecological cost.

With all this in mind, why not take a look at our range of refurbished machinery to find the perfect piece for your project?