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How Bandsaws Can Improve Workplace Productivity

May 13, 2018 2 min read

Running a woodworking business can be both physically and mentally straining. As the UK moves towards a clean Brexit from the European Union there is an ever-increasing demanding for a booming British economy. This means companies making and selling goods in the UK are in high demand.

If your business is seeing a boom in sales or simply is trying to expand then you might be thinking about how you can increase business productivity. This means looking at your manufacturing process, staff portfolio and increasing the supply line effectiveness.

One way you can improve productivity is to invest in some machinery to help with the manufacturing process.

Here is how abandsaw can improve your business productivity:

Investing in employees

When manufacturing furniture, appliances and other objects you need a skilled workforce. Your workers need to be safe, have the right skills for the job and be able to work effectively so that your business is a success.

Increasing your business productivity can start by educating your employees so that they are better equipped to work with machines like the bandsaw and other woodworking machines. Making sure that they can operate machines like this will keep them more interested with their work and have them learning a range of new skills.

Bandsaws have multiple functions

Not only can a bandsaw work on wood, it can also be used to cut everything from different metals to plastics making it a machine that can be used across a range of different products. This means that you can branch out from just woodwork machinery so that you can also work with metals and plastics to create a broader range of products to sell.

This can help increase business productivity because of your business being able to be productive across a range of different fields rather than being stuck with just woodworking.

Decrease the time spent on each item

This might sound like a negative thing that the amount of time you spend on each item is decreased but this can increase the number of items you can create each day.

This means a more efficient production line using a bandsaw instead of doing everything by hand.

These bandsaws can also be programmed using a touch screen to remember certain programmes and positions of the saw so that the bandsaw has a memory full of jobs that can be recalled at any time. This will reduce time when setting the saw up and mean greater productivity.

For more information on increasing productivity in the workplace and how bandsaws can help improve your business model visit Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery.