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The Next Generation of HolzHer Machines

April 15, 2018 2 min read

Holzer have become the most recent giant overseas manufacturer to team up with Calderbrook to become their main UK supplier. Calderbrook has a vast amount of experience and knowledge with supplying the likes of Boere, Panhans, R.Beck and Orma and many more. The direct communication we have with manufacturers enables us to efficiently find the machine specification to suit each and every job.

The next generation of HolzHer Machines includes CNC Routers, Wall Saws, Edgebanders and Beam Saws. In this blog article, we will take you through what to expect from the new range.

CNC Routers

HolzHer luxury CNC routers ensure the cutting of various hard materials is easy and precise.  Using the latest computer numerical control technology, the Holzher routers can competently perform the tasks of many carpentry shop machines, such as panel saws, spindle moulders and boring machines.

The machines are available in a variety of configurations, which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The HolzHer Dynestic is horizontal in positioning and is suited for nesting, whilst the HolzHer Evolution is positioned vertically for producing parts of furniture and walls. There is even a specially designed CNC router for joinery which is perfect for furniture production.   

Wall Saws

The HolzHer vertical panel saw, or wall saw for short, is perfect for companies with limited space. Its innovative design means that the machine stands within 1m of the wall, freeing up space for the rest of the workshop. it has a perfect ergonomic design that offers absolute precision and angular accuracy when cutting.


The HolzHer edgebander range has increased in popularity in recent months, with the release of the Auriga, Streamer, Sprint and Accura just to name a few. All HolzHer edgebanders come with touchscreen control, patent glu-jet technology and are usable with PUR and EVA glue with no adaptations help to provide precisely finished edgings.

Beam Saws

The new HolzHer Tectra and Zantrex are making a name for themselves, thanks to the latest German engineering that has helped provide some of the best beam saws available on the market today. The precise computing technology ensures that the best yields are sourced from materials.

At Calderbrook’s new showroom, we stock many types of the next generation HolzHer machines.

For more information on any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in contact today!