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Indoor Woodworking Projects for Winter

November 16, 2020 2 min read

When the colder weather descends upon us, this often means putting your larger outdoor projects on hold for a few months, but that doesn’t mean putting away your woodworking machinery altogether.

There are plenty of smaller projects, including shelves if you insist, that can be done indoors. So, fire up the workshop wood-burner (or dig out the electric heater) and take a look at some of the things you could try.

Collapsible Dog Ramp

If your pooch is getting a bit too long in the tooth to jump into the back of the car, and too heavy to lift, a collapsible dog ramp is ideal. Fairly quick to knock up and requiring only a saw, a jigsaw for creating rounded corners and a sander, it can be stored away when not in use.

Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

Speaking of messy dogs, an elevated stand with two cut-outs to drop in food and water bowls is a great way to enable larger dogs to eat and drink without having to bend too far – and it stops food bowls from sliding across the floor.

Boot and Shoe Cupboard

Tired of muddy boots and shoes cluttering up the hallway? Winter is the ideal time to make a cupboard to tidy them away, and you can make this as simple and plain as you wish or more elaborate with louvred doors for ventilation.

Wooden Chess Board and Pieces

Use woods of contrasting colours for the base of the board which can be cut into strips, glued together then sanded down. The basic board shouldn’t take too long although the chess pieces may be more challenging, and you could model these on anything you like – woodland animals for instance.

Key Hanger and Letter Holder

Make losing your keys a thing of the past by creating a special holder with a half-covered shelf for letters and hooks for keys. You could make this as decorative as you like, with added space for displaying small ornaments or scented room diffusers to fragrance your hallway. The design can be rustic or modern, painted or varnished; whatever suits your home décor.

Storage Boxes

These are not the most difficult items to make, but they are the most satisfying when you realise just how many items you need to find a place for. Use a good quality sustainably sourced wood, and spend time thinking about how decorative to make it if you can’t bear the idea of a plain wooden box.

If you’re keen to try any of these projects, but lacking a few tools, why not head on over to our online store to find the best assistant for your indoor woodworking project this winter.