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Machine of the Month: Omec F8

February 15, 2018 2 min read

The Omec F8 is a versatile multiple milling device designed for indenting dovetails in a number of furniture elements, including cabinets and drawers. With its eight-spindle mechanism and corresponding mill cutters, the Omec F8 allows you to create dovetail indents of differing heights and can be operated manually or put on an automatic work cycle, depending on how you intend to utilise it.

Powerful and compact

The Omec F8 is a powerful piece of woodworking machinery. Easily capable of production speeds of up to 100 boxes per hour (using standard sizes of material), the cutters make short work of even the most difficult materials. Indeed, the machine is designed with speed in mind, whilst not compromising on the quality of cut and neatness of fit. With appropriate care taken to load the materials, the machine can be left to its own devices with no risk of burrs or chipping during its production cycle. All of this is compressed into a machine that stands less than four feet high, and five feet wide, and able to handle materials up to 1500mm in length.

Perfection and precision

The F8 is designed for companies that take pride in the quality of their work, but still have an eye on production speed and costs. On its automatic work cycle, it can produce female or male sections or, if utilised in its manual mode, both at the same time. The pieces are locking automatically at the start of the work cycle, and only released at the end, ensure precision and uniformity in all of your joints. This results in a finer quality of your finished product, automatically increasing its attractiveness and appeal.

Easy to use

The F8 is easy to install and set up, and simple to adjust. Even a new operator facing the machine for their first time will be able to prepare the F8 for each production change, thanks to its intuitive control panel, and multiple indicators. The programmable controller makes automated work cycles a simple thing to set up and run, and then let the machine handle the rest.

Everything you need

The Omec F8 is an all-in-one unit, comprising everything you’ll require for your dovetailing needs. With spindles and cutters integrated into the machine itself and an attached controller that can program a work cycle within minutes, there’s no need for any other machine to get the perfect dovetail joint. Additionally, every F8 comes with a bespoke toolkit for maintenance and adjustment, allowing for years of productive use.