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Our Lifting and Handling Equipment Range

February 26, 2018 2 min read

Using the correct lifting and handling equipment can bring real value to your business or organisation. This is especially true in the larger manufacturing sectors such as aerospace where valuable savings can be made on staff time. Of course, it also most importantly protects users from injuries sustained from poor working posture or positions.

If you need an idea of the top-quality and great value equipment we offer in this area, then the below information should help:

Ergoplan workbenches

The first product we are proud to stock is this workbench from Ergoplan. The real beauty here is that it is great for many uses from businesses to school technology departments. By bringing the traditional workbench and height-adjustable work table together as one whole, it offers many ways to use it. Quick and easy to adjust, the central pedal makes changing the height simple. Safe in the extreme, the inbuilt table protection stops pinching when the height changes.

Beck Niveau workstations and lift tables

These workstations and tables give unrivalled freedom to how you want to work. With no brackets or edges to interfere, you can just get on with the job in hand! The ergonomic design makes them very comfortable to work on and easy to adjust to the height you require. The best thing about this range is that you can choose from a selection of different worktops to get the one that best suits your needs.

Beck servant

Beck are one of the premier manufacturers for lifting and handling equipment. The Servant from their range is no exception! A superb solution to your lifting needs, it has a swivel arm and boom for full practicality. The easy power feeding it gives you makes lifting heavy items onto your workspace a breeze. With a wall plate included for easy wall fitting and a sturdy clamp on the swivel arm, this is a fantastic piece of kit.

Beck muli automatic lift

Another high-class piece of lifting and handling equipment we stock is the Muli Automatic Lift. This is a lifting and lowering device to make working on any unit or table easy. With a 1300kg capacity and 1000mm travel distance, it will come in handy for many uses. The cutting-edge automatic lift function included always keeps your working height constant for safe, secure completion of tasks.

Let Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery Ltd help today

If you or your organisation need top-class lifting and handling equipment, get in touch with us today. All the equipment we stock is great value and sure to make your work space a safer, more productive environment.