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Safety Tips for Using a Bandsaw

December 13, 2018 2 min read

There is no doubt that the bandsaw is one handy tool to have in any woodworking set-up. It makes cutting your wood to the shape required quick and easy.

The bandsaw is also very good at helping to cut irregular shapes which may come up on a project.

As with any kind of machinery though, you need to take care when using it. Operating a band

saw safely is vital for your own well-being and that of anyone else in the area. Here are a few great tips to keep you working safely on this great machine.

Know how to use it properly
The first thing to do is understand how to use it in the safest way. Do not just start it up and work it out as you go! You should always complete an inspection of the bandsaw with the power lead unplugged before using it. This will allow you to spot any defects that could prove dangerous, such as loose components or pieces of scrap material in the machine itself.

Once you are satisfied everything is in good order, it’s fine to plug it in and switch it on. Be sure to let the bandsaw get up to speed before cutting for better control. Always have the wood you are working on laid flat on the bandsaw table – never hold it in mid-air. Be sure to never leave the bandsaw running and wander off to do something else as well. This is very dangerous for anyone who may be passing and unaware it is switched on.

Work slowly and carefully
Another great tip in terms of using your bandsaw is to work at a steady pace without rushing. Not focusing or trying to go too fast will usually produce poorer results and also increase the risk of injury. When you are cutting wood, never have your hands or fingers close to the blade! They should always be at least three inches away on either side to protect yourself properly.

Use goggles
When it comes to using this kind of saw, you always need to be taking steps to avoid personal injury. As well as keeping your hands away from the working blade, you should also wear goggles when using it. The process of cutting wood can sometimes throw off stray fragments into the air which this will protect you from.

Bandsaws are core tools for woodwork
The above should not put you off from using bandsaws – they are very safe and effective tools when used correctly. If you are looking for a new bandsaw, then browse our website today. We have a great choice with various specifications so you can find the perfect one for your next project.