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The Importance of Investing in a Sanding Machine

December 02, 2018 2 min read

Whether you do woodwork as a hobby or have an established workshop that you would like to expand, you are sure to perform some sanding on your products. Sanding helps give your woodwork a smooth finish after all the parts have been joined. It ensures that your product has a consistent color by eliminating stains and blotches on the surface.

Sanding removes fibre raise which is common among water-based finishes. It also ensures that the wood surface has even finish absorption and may reduce the amount of finish required for a particular surface. The reduced finish absorption translates to reduced finishing costs. Finally, sanding improves the aesthetic value of the wood object by removing minor drag marks and defects on the surface.

Why you should buy a sanding machine

You may be accustomed to sanding by hand, which is tedious with good but unsatisfactory results. If you want to your finish to be neat and professional, then you should consider acquiring a sanding machine. Sanding machines work on surfaces faster and more effectively than even the most skilled hand sanders. Moreover, the finish of a sanding machine is consistent because it applies uniform pressure on the surface.

The Loewer Topspin is a good example of how machines simplify sanding work. It allows you to insert pieces of wood into compartments with sanding strips manually. It can be used for both full and intermediate sanding and features an air-cushioned table to minimise scratching. It has the potential to increase your productivity and reduce lead time.

Sanding machines help reduce finishing costs. Consider the Boere Top Brush machine which suited to wood panels with sharp edges and can be adjusted to denib surfaces. It features two brushes and an automatic height control system ensuring a quick and uniform finish. Apart from improving the quality of the finish, it gives the wood surface a uniform texture with minimal absorption of finishes. The reduced finish absorption helps you and your customers minimize the amount of finish used and realize cost savings.

If your work often involves finishing vertical surfaces beyond your reach, then you should sample the Unosand Multi Sander. This sander is suited to vertical surfaces as its height can be adjusted to suit different applications. This sander is suited to both small-scale and industrial workshops.

If you are considering producing professional work or mechanising your workshop, you can contact us for more guidance on sanding machines.