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The Importance of Safety Equipment When Using Heavy Machinery

November 08, 2017 2 min read

Operating heavy machinery brings with it a multitude of risks, so it’s important that the correct safety equipment is used when undertaking this type of work.

Using heavy machinery without the necessary safety equipment could cause serious injuries, so steps should be taken to ensure that it is safe to operate the machinery.

Key safety equipment

When operating heavy machinery, there are some important safety factors to consider.

• Manuals should be provided for operators to assist in the operation of the machinery
• Operators should wear clothing that is appropriate, along with protective equipment which includes hard hats, safety footwear and hearing protection
• Steps, handrails and pedals should be inspected

These safety factors should be considered alongside safety equipment, which should be in use for operators of heavy machinery. Suitable guards should be in place, to reduce the risk of injury. These guards should be a safe distance from the most dangerous part of the machine.

Why safety equipment should be used

Due to the very nature of heavy machinery, safety equipment should be utilised in the correct way, as the risk of injury as a result of a machinery fault can be fatal. People working with heavy machinery are at risk of being struck and injured by moving parts, and body parts could get trapped.

Machine operators are also at risk of being crushed between either moving parts of the machine, or the machine and a wall or object.

Short and long-term health implications

The implications of injury as a result of operating heavy machinery can be both short and long-term.

Some injuries may require operators to take time off work, to recover from accidents such as trips, falls and slips. These injuries could range from bruises, fractures or broken bones. When it comes to long-term implications, they could be more serious and include injuries that may result in disability and paralysis. Injuries could also result in fatalities.

Steps to avoid

Before operating heavy machinery, it’s important that the necessary safety equipment is in place. If it isn’t, then the machinery should not be used. If the necessary systems have been inspected and are not working correctly, then operators should wait until the machinery is functioning correctly.

It’s also important to ensure only those trained to use the machinery safely and correctly are the ones operating the machinery.

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