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Top 5 Woodwork Machines Your Business Needs

October 28, 2017 2 min read

If you are starting a new venture that involves working with wood – or you are planning a company overhaul – you could be faced with a barrage of ideas for which machinery to invest in.

These days woodworking machinery is increasingly versatile and sophisticated, so picking through the options to make the best of your capital investment can be daunting.

There is also the matter of personal choice and the sort of products you are going to be producing, both of which can influence the woodwork machinery you invest in for future company growth.

To help, here are the five woodwork machines that can give your business the capacity and capabilities it needs for a successful start and future development.

1. Bench or Table Saws

There really could not be another contender for the top of your woodwork machinery shopping list. If you are going to be handling, sectioning and crosscutting a range of wood components, then you need the right table saw for your purposes.

This could be a general bench saw for ripping, with a choice of different blade and power settings depending on what you need it for.

2. Lifting and Handling Machinery

With the massive emphasis on health and safety in the workplace these days, investment in machinery to help you to move wood around is absolutely vital.

The complexity of this depends on the amount and size of your wood loads and can range from pallet lifters to versatile and ergonomic supporters for your components.

3. Band Saws

Few companies will be ripping basic cuts and shapes, which means the majority of firms need the versatility of a good band saw.

This can be used to straighten edges but also cut curves. The best band saws also give you the capability to shape metal, plastic and other materials too, providing your woodworking or joinery firm with more options and a more responsive customer service.

4. CNC Routers

Automation and connectivity are the future for all forms of industry. Investing in woodworking machinery that has built-in software prepares your company for its journey to lean and agile working.

CNC routers use software, multiple drilling heads and grooving cutters to create a huge range of products and finishes, in the most streamlined and effortless way possible. This sort of responsive customer service is undoubtedly the way forward for all companies who work with wood.

5. Cramps and Presses

Presses and cramps enable firms to create joints and bends effectively. Modern variations provide pinpoint accuracy. The type you choose depends on your business operations and budget.

For more details and to price up the five most essential woodwork machines – either new or refurbished – to put your company on the road to smooth and profitable business operations, contact Calderbrook today.