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Top Tips on Using a Spindle Moulder

November 23, 2018 2 min read

Spindle moulders have long been used in the woodworking industry for cutting profiles into wood and other suitable materials. They are popular for the quality finish and fast results they give. A modern spindle moulder will now use the latest technology to control their movements and produce the finished article. This makes them even more efficient and safer to use in your workshop.

They are one machine though, that can seem a little daunting or complex for some woodworkers. This should not put you off from using one though as they are not that difficult to operate once you know how. Here are some great tips on using one yourself.

Make sure to have dust extraction in place
One thing that you will instantly notice about a spindle moulder is the large amount of dust it can kick out. This is naturally something to be aware of when using one. The best tip here is to connect it up to an effective dust extraction system which will eliminate the problem for you.

Consider installing an automatic power feed
Spindle moulders are well used in the trade for the versatility they deliver. One way to harness this is to use an automatic power feed. This add-on allows a straight run to be automatically made at a constant rate while keeping your hands well out of the way. This will not only produce fabulous results but help keep you safe.

Read the manual
This may sound obvious but it is one thing that many people still do not do! The best way to find out how your machine works, and what the important safety features are, is to read the instruction manual that comes with it. Doing this will ensure you have the information you need to work safely and efficiently from the off.

Use a ringed fence for curved work
This type of machine is not just good for straight work – it is adept at working on curved profiles as well. If you have the need to do this, just remember to change the fence on your spindle moulder. You will need a specialist Ring Fence that allows greater access to the cutting block to get the curved results required.

What can you use a spindle moulder for?
The size and power that comes with this machine usually means it is one for professional woodworking businesses or craftsmen. It remains a popular tool for the wide range of applications it has though in terms of shaping materials to fit. From doors to shutters and window frames it is widely used in the industry. They are also used when tenoning wood in order to create the various joints that may be needed and for profiling work in furniture or cabinets.

While they may have a slightly scary reputation, spindle moulders are safe as long as they are used in the right way. They offer fast, efficient results which makes them a fantastic choice for many workshops.