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Top tips to improve your woodwork skills

September 29, 2019 2 min read

Planning, preparation, and choosing the best selection of tools contribute to a better end-product, which is why we have listed several tips below for improving your woodwork skills.

1. Understand how wood behaves

Wood is like anything else in nature; it behaves in a particular way. For example, to improve your woodworking skills, you need to understand that as trees grow, a growth ring forms annually, which indicates the age of the tree/wood. Ultimately, choosing the right age of wood will affect the appearance of your final product.

2. Choose your tools wisely

There’s a myth in woodworking that by hand, it is incredibly difficult, yet this is because many people fail to use adequate tools. For instance, cheaper products are less durable, with issues arising from using dull blades. However, investing in a planer thicknesser is fantastic for achieving a specific thickness with relatively less effort than a manual saw. Salient planer thicknessers improve the rate of progress, and in the long run, your product is less rugged.

Other vital investments might include purchasing a band saw, which similar to the planer thicknesser can produce better results. One major advantage of a band saw is the significant reduction of waste, meaning you have more money to spend on other vital parts of your project.

3. Planning and preparation

Sitting down and setting goals on what you expect to achieve is an excellent way to highlight what tools and/or equipment might be beneficial for future projects. For example, it might be advantageous for you to invest in a sander, a fantastic electric device which allows you to smooth materials (wood, plastic or metal), with varieties that are either portable or stationary. For example, you might want to remove unwanted residue from a surface, allowing you to deliver a professional standard to the end-product.

Regardless of your current expertise, continually developing your experience and skills in woodworking allows you to achieve the best results. Additionally, by investing in new woodwork machinery, you can achieve highly professional results. Alternatively, if you are planning to begin a business, having the right tools and working environment from the start can significantly improve the product you aim to create.