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Our Buying Guide for Bandsaws

October 09, 2019 2 min read

Any workshop which handles wood needs a bandsaw. These handy machines are an essential woodworking tool due to their ease of use and minimal wastage.

Designed for the deep cutting of either shaped or straight components, bandsaws are machines that see plenty of use. Getting the best results from your bandsaw means choosing the right one to begin with though.

Here at Calderbook Woodworking Machinery Ltd, we have a great range of these saws to choose from as below.


This bandsaw comes from a top German manufacturer and delivers superb results. It contains vulcanised wheels with ball ground rubber surfaces to reduce noise when cutting. Also included is the APA2 bandsaw guide which is a trademark of every PANHANS machine. For total cutting precision, there is a worktable which is finely planed and a dual-chambered frame which is warp-free. With a range of different wheel sizes, cutting heights and cutting widths, you can order a saw which is ideally suited to your needs.

Meber RITM0900 plastic pipe bandsaw

This bandsaw from Italian firm Meber is designed for cutting plastic pipes which normal bandsaws may find a problem. The blade in the RITM0900 is angled at 45 degrees when compared to a traditional bandsaw. This allows for side cutting of awkward materials like polypropylene plastic water pipes. Materials like this can require an extreme width when cutting which is where this saw comes in. Meber has also included a left-hand based side table to make operating the machine more comfortable.

Beck 3V high-capacity saw

This is another machine which is manufactured by German specialists PANHANS. Included in the design of the 3V are 3 cutting wheels which make it ideal for dealing with bulky materials. From foam to insulation, this saw can cut it all to size with complete accuracy. The blade speed of 1550 m/mm and the 3kW motor all give fast results for increased productivity.

Beck Rapid 400-900 model

This complete set of bandsaws from Beck is built to last and has a solid feel. It not only offers total reliability and safety but also outstanding precision. The flywheels are made from cast iron and fitted to a steel base which has been welded for awesome cutting accuracy. Adjusting the upper guides for the blades is as simple as turning the handwheel while the blade tension indicator always puts you in control. With a circuit breaker also present to guard against overloads, this is one superb piece of German engineering.

Check out our choice of Bandsaws today

We have all the above bandsaws in stock at Calderbook Woodworking Machinery Ltd. Just visit our website and you can see more about each one before you buy. If you need any help, give us a call on 01706 873344.