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Which Veneer Press And Other Veneer Equipment is Right for Your Business?

September 28, 2016 2 min read

Every business is different, your clients might be looking for veneer products that are different to your competitors. Your business might be on a massive scale or just you and your veneer press. Whatever size the press is, whatever you need it for, you need to know that your veneer equipment is right for you

There are many different types of veneer machines. From hot and cold presses, to laminating machines and guillotines, Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery have a variety of products but which ones are right for you?

1 Casaticip 26/31 Hydraulic Veneer Guillotine

These machines are perfect for smaller businesses or businesses that have a small department for the veneer. The guillotine works the veneer and is perfect for cutting large pieces, managing a steady flow of veneer and creating a range of products.

2 Orma NPC A 3000 X 1300: Through Feed Veneer Press

This through feed veneer press does exactly what its title describes. It feeds the veneer through into the press. This makes it perfect for company’s needing machines that can press the wood on a loop. Along with these features it is also oil heated and perfect for door and panel pressing.

3 Interwood Veneer Stitcher

For any business requiring high production and a considerable working speed even when using difficult materials, the Interwood Veneer Stitcher is right for you. Heating the Stitcher to around 0.32kW and having a complete range of adjustments on even the standard machines, you can work with any veneer based material in a variety of sizes.

4 Orma NPC/ DIGIT 8 X 4’ Veneer Press

This Orma model is one of the newest pieces of equipment for veneer. With a touch screen control and advanced technology, it makes the perfect machine for any company. On top of this it can apply a maximum of 100 tons of pressure to the veneer. This means that any piece can be pressed to a high standard and in a small amount of time.

To find out about prices, new or used equipment and which machines are right for you, contact Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery.