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Orma Sublimation of Corian and Solid Surface

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By the term SUBLIMATION is meant, the change from solid to gas without passing through the liquid phase. Specifically is defined sublimation the transformation into gas suffered by the ink upon activation by heat. The SUBLIMATION of the Solid Surface represents a great opportunity for those who want to produce quality elements or with a sophisticated aesthetic personality, in the field of design, art, fashion and furnishing.
The sublimation process is the transfer of permanent defined images and vivid colors, on the surface of the Solid Surface sheet. The images, reporduced on bi / three-dimensional objects, are detergenrt washing resistant and scratch proof, as it is not a relief printing, but the image itself which penetrates the porosity of the material. After transferring the image, the artifact in solid surface can also be polished and thermoformed, without affecting the quality of the image itself. Compared to other decoration techniques by means of printing, the used ink is water-based and can it is possible to sublimate the two sides of the sheet in Solid Surface, in a single process, while keeping high quality standards.
With short cycle times and a manufacturing process economically competitive, it is possible by processing images, graphic patterns and playing with colors, to copy and imitate any essence, such as stone, marble and granite, tiles, plaster, textiles
Sublimation can take place by mounting a specific device on the DUPEX machine manufactured by ORMAMACCHINE

HOW IS IT COMPOSED THE “SUBLIMATION KIT”? It is an aluminum sheet, connected with the vacuum raceway by means of quick couplings, complete with perimeter flanges for a silicone membrane clamping. The sublimation kit is leaning on the sliding drawer of the heating oven and the can also be installed in a second time, by a skilled technician. On the control panel, the operator can adjust the temperature, the cycle time and set the vacuum parameters

PREPARATION OF THE IMAGE TO BE TRANSFERRED Digital images or graphic fantasies are processed by a software optimizing colour and dimension to keep their quality and colour during the printing operation. Printing is carried out by “ink jet” printers using a special low absorption paper for sublimation transfer.

Finance Available Shipping & Delivery

Our finance partners can arrange funding to acquire equipment at competitive rates. We can offer loan, lease and hire purchase agreements to suit our customers needs.

*****We have a handy leasing calculator available on request help identify the monthly costings and tax savings*******
The Tax Benefits of Leasing explained

Leasing converts a large capital expenditure into small monthly payments. Hence the company has the profit-making equipment immediately and keeps their cash reserve available.

Rather than investing the precious cash reserves in depreciating assets, the company can use them to help increase profits.

Lease Rental is 100% Tax deductible

The main reason that the majority of companies lease rather than purchase equipment is that they use leasing as a method of reducing their tax bills. This is because lease rental is 100% tax deductible, and all payments made for the equipment are written off against the company’s tax bill. For any profit making business, this means a substantial saving in the real cost of acquiring equipment by lease rental. This could mean a saving of between 20-40% of the lease payments, depending on the rate of tax you pay*.

Payments on qualifying leases are written off as direct operating expenses, rather than a debt or outstanding liability, thus reducing short term taxable income.
Any capital allowances are passed on to you, and lease payments can be offset against taxable profits. VAT can also be reclaimed on monthly payments. This status as a “lease” as opposed to a “liability” on a company’s balance sheet is something the banks like to see, which is why an operating lease can be attractive. For this reason, leasing is often referred to as ‘off balance sheet’ financing – a tremendous advantage to both large and small businesses

Ownership at the end of the lease

Lease rental is just that, a rental or hire agreement. Title of the goods remains with the Lessor (either Kennet or assigned to a bank), which means the equipment does not show on the companies balance sheet, therefore not needing to be depreciated over a fixed period. If Kennet broker the funding, they are the “third party” involved within the lease agreements. In effect, Kennet buys the equipment from the supplier and then sell it on to the customer. This means that the customer can take full advantage of all the benefits of leasing but still owns it at the end.

The disadvantage of buying equipment outright

The disadvantage to buying equipment out-right, is that the capital invested becomes a depreciating asset. This is an asset that’s value decreases over time.
The total amount that assets have depreciated by during a reporting period is shown on the cashflow statement, and also makes up part of the expenses shown on the income statement. The amount that assets have depreciated to by the end date is shown on the balance sheet.
How the tax advantages of leasing works – in numbers
You lease a machine that costs £5,000 + VAT, over a 3 year term.
The monthly payments would be £162.50 + VAT over 36 months
Total paid over the term of the lease £5850
20% tax can be reclaimed on the total lease payments over the 3 years, so a total of £1170
Therefore the net cost of the lease is £5850 – £1170 = £4680*
*Your accountant will be able to provide more information. This information is provided for guidance only.
For more information, call Mark Suckley and his team at Kennet Equipment Leasing on 01675 469215 or email marksteam@kennet-leasing.co.uk.

All prices are quoted EXWORKS Bacup. You can arrange your own collection or if preferred we can arrange delivery.

We have Transport partners with a variety of vehicles including HIAB. Please enquire for a quotation.


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