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Introducing the Energy Saving Woodwork Machinery

November 11, 2019 2 min read

Ours is the age of eco-friendly initiatives; of increasing sustainability. We are striving to work better, work smarter, and help our environment heal. Industries across the board are finding ways to work smarter and better, reducing harmful emissions, energy waste, and increasing profit.

Energy efficiency is important across all industries; it will take a joint effort to reduce the damage already done to the environment. Decreasing energy use decreases harmful emissions and in turn the carbon footprint of industries. This has an obvious positive impact on the planet, but also has financial and reputation benefits:

  • Clients trust energy-efficient industries more
  • Lower energy use means lower bills/operating costs
  • Compliance with environmental laws/initiatives makes processes from production to distribution run smoother, with fewer obstacles
  • A better reputation as a company caring for the people

The Orma NPC ES Energy Saving heating system is the newest word in energy efficient woodwork machines; an innovative piece of machinery which boasts massive energy-saving capabilities without sacrificing quality or results. The catchy slogan “go green, go Ormamacchine” accompanies the fact that it uses 50% less power than other machines on the market, which means 50% less costs to run, and 50% fewer emissions in the environment.

The Orma NPC ES can save up to £3000 per year in electricity costs; money and power which can be used elsewhere. These benefits are not the only advantage to the machine, however. It boasts some fantastic features, such as:

  • A maximum temperature of 120°C, allowing gluing operations of any kind in any joinery.
  • Controlled temperatures: disconnecting and reconnecting power as and when to maintain stable levels without using too much energy, to the ease of the worker.
  • Maximum platen resistance to the pressure is 20 kg/cm2: an incredible safety margin, considering the maximum pressure used is often 5-7kg/cm2.
  • Requires no maintenance!
  • Makes no noise during use, reducing noise pollution as well as aiding energy-saving methods.
  • No fire hazard: no installation of wood boilers inside joineries or carpentries.

So, machinery like the Orma NPC ES Energy saving system helps save money, reduce energy wastage, and leads the world to a better tomorrow. It is industries that have the biggest effect on the environment, and so it is these industries that must adapt. Making smart choices about the equipment you use is important; we can work better. Your clients will thank you for it.